For individuals, we treat stress, trauma, anxiety, depression and many kinds of more severe conditions.

To  organizations we supply better, deeper information about their system  that points directly to solutions. We fully evaluate the causes of  problems, and relationships in the system, through the lens of  constellations. We offer feedback, coaching and ways to achieve desired  results. We provide systemic insights and corrective measures. We  specialize in training people in methods they can continue to use  themselves.

Personal Retreats

Almost everyone is  immersed in the stress of a busy life.  And most of us carry some  emotional pain due to “unfinished business” – conflicts or trauma from  the past that remain unresolved.  We all carry in us the history of our  family’s love and pain.

Mental or physical pain is an  opportunity to learn what the core of our spirit wants to teach us.  So  we accept it, listen to it, and we work with it.  On retreat we train  clients how to NOT push the pain away immediately – how to learn what it  can show us, and how to resist reacting impulsively.  Using  experiential techniques we go to the roots of earlier trauma that  interfere with current functioning.

Individuals receive  guidance about disruptive, and often unconscious, beliefs and values  which cause problems. On personal retreats for individuals we provide  ways to be free from compulsive thinking, negative judgments and  dysfunctional beliefs.  Our ultimate goals are to renew the peace and  joy of one’s true nature; to facilitate wholeness of body, mind and  spirit; to be free from fear; and to be more fully creative and  compassionate, both to one’s self and to others.  Above all, we guide  clients to authentic forgiveness.

Through meditative and  breathing techniques we show how to release others and one’s self from  negative judgments and resentments.  Personal retreats are designed for,  and especially helpful for, addicts in recovery, co-dependents and  their families.

Emotional Release Work

On retreat  we facilitate grieving for losses in life so that sorrow does not  escalate to depression or despair. Ultimately, we mourn for the loss of love that could have been (any  absence of love before, during and after a person leaves us). We guide  the discharge of anger from the body so that it does not cloud the mind  or build toward rage.  We recuperate the fuel of the anger with a Taoist  breathing technique.

Specific methods reduce anxiety and fear  so that these do not become panic or paranoia, and so that fear does  not hold one back from one’s true calling.  We provide guidelines for  releasing shame, leaving it with those it belongs to; as well as ways of  building more self-esteem.

We deal with guilt as an amalgam  of fear and shame – shame for what we’ve done, fear of reprisal.  We  accept responsibility for what we see we’ve done; and feel a healthy  remorse for our mistakes.  But we also leave with others the effects of  their choices.  So we do not carry inappropriate guilt that belongs with  others.

Most importantly, for the best release, we show  clients how to truly forgive.  This requires genuine willingness,  letting go of judgments, and catching how we project onto others what we  fail to deal with in ourselves.  We teach self-forgiveness and the  ability to receive forgiveness from others, so that we feel deeply  forgiven – and innocent again.

When we release negative  emotions, we respect what they teach us underneath the pain.  Then,  through body techniques and ancient methods of sounding, we recover the  pure energy under the feelings.  We teach ways of using this energy to  motivate changes beneficial to body, mind and spirit.  On retreat we  practice a mindful watchfulness about how the ego part of our mind plays  mental tricks and distracts us from our higher goals.

Methods of Personal Transformation

Other  methods we use include several kinds of breath work, dream analysis,  psychodrama, medical QiGong,  kinesiology, shamanic techniques, guided  imagery, and holographic memory resolution. We also make use of prayer,  rituals, and meditation, depending upon each person’s tradition. Since  Nature accelerates the healing process, treatments often take place in  beautiful natural settings. Some treatments occur in wilderness, or at  hot springs, while others include the healing presence of horses.

Resolving Addictions

Addictions  are caused by a combination of inherited genetic tendencies, social  interactions, individual characteristics, and spiritual neglect.  Emotional Health Systems provide education, support, and several  treatment modes for addicted people and their families. We offer  consultation about how to understand and deal with addictions, both to  addicts and to those who love them. We organize interventions to place  addicts in treatment centers. We encourage participation in 12 Step  programs. Personal retreats are designed for, and especially helpful  for, addicts in recovery, co-dependents and their families.

Healing Relationships – Deepening Awareness

With  the release of emotional pain and addictive behavior we become free to  think and act from our natural, best self. With genuine forgiveness our  relationships heal naturally. Deep within us we all want to feel more  loved and to be loving toward others. After release come new insights,  after constellations comes more peace of mind. On retreats, after  release sessions, creative imagination and true faith in one’s self are  more activated and expanded. We become much more aware of our deeper  self.

Retreats are of two types:

  • Personal Retreats are for individuals, couples and families
  • Professional Retreats are for organizations and other groups

The Benefits of Retreats

Before  John started facilitating individual and group constellations, his  practice consisted primarily of counseling sessions, consulting and  personalized retreats. He now integrates all three modes within a  constellation framework in order to meet each client’s specific needs.  John's own path of development to constellations is described on the “John’s Story” web page.

Retreats for individuals or for organizations help to:

  • Release mental and physical pain
  • Heal conflicts in relationships
  • Resolve addictions, obsessions and compulsions 
  • Solve organizational problems
  • Achieve personal and professional goals
  • Deepen awareness about inner life and practical situations

Emotional  Health Systems consist of a wide array of practical methods,  psychological insights and systemic practices for healing individuals  and helping organizations. Trainings provide diagnosis, education,  treatment, consultation and coaching for conflicts and problems.

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